Thank you for supporting Team Luke and the NJ Sharing Network
as we honor Luke David Bautista along with other donors, pay tribute to recipients, offer hope to those who continue to wait and remember the lives lost while waiting for the Gift of Life.
This year's 5K was on May 7, 2017, in Long Branch, NJ and was also the first anniversary of Luke's donation surgery. Luke was able to provide 5 life saving gifts (his heart, both kidneys, liver and pancreas).
Luke was also able to donate his descending thoracic aorta, which aided in the creation of approximately 30 dialysis ports. That COMBINED with his skin and tissue donations have helped save and improve the lives of close to 100 people.
— 2016: Team Luke had 190 members and raised $86,000.
— 2017: Team Luke has 300 members and raised $71,000.
— That's $157,583 in our first 12 months!
Be sure to follow @Luke_Beastista on Instagram for photos, event updates and memories!
Meeting Luke's Pancreas Recipient
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